Stop using spreadsheets to manage your network

Mogul helps you manage your network more thoughtfully in a beautifully designed (and privacy focused) website & app.
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Mogul helps you build
better relationships

You network a lot and have many connections, don't you think you should stop using a spreadsheet to manage that network? Mogul helps you do just that ­čĺ¬

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Mogul keeps your network organized

Surprise people with your photographic memory. Mogul helps keep your notes on people and interactions organized and searchable ­čÖî

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Reminders, so you
always follow up

Following up is one of the most challenging parts of networking. Mogul helps you keep track and follow through on all the follow ups you *should* be doing ­čśë

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You own your data,
we will never sell it

Download or delete your data anytime

Opt-in End to End Encryption

Data access only for support requests

Privacy first, you're in control of your data

Mogul was built with privacy in mind, we will never sell your data or access it without your permission. We offer End to End Encryption, the highest form of data privacy offered in any application. You also have the ability to export or delete all your data at any time via our web and mobile app.

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